Thursday Oct 12th @ 6:00 will be @ the community center at the High School




Thank you to the Lions, and Lioness for their donation of school supplies to the schools.




Wisconsin has always been number one in the world of bowling. It has now become the epicenter for vintage lanes (6 or less lanes that are still real wood). Be a part of a great experience of being able to tour a few. This tour is sponsored by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, and Palmyra Bowl has the honor of being chosen as one of the centers on the tour. There are 4 bowling centers that have been chosen for this wonderful "Vintage bowling Tour". It is a full day of eating and bowling in centers that still have real wood lanes, and manual scoring. That's right, manual scoring, so bring your math skills, or just come out to watch the fun. Lunch and dinner are included in the price, along with the bowling cost of all 4 centers, and the cost of the shuttle. There will be a shuttle bus that will take all the participants around to all 4 centers. There will be a newspaper editor from the Madison newspaper that will be documenting the entire tour. So come join the fun.







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