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Palmyra Area Chamber of Commerce honors Wings-N-Things

as the Shining Star Business of the Month


Congratulations to Wings-N-Things, Palmyra Chamber of Commerce “Shining Star” business of the month for April, 2018.  Left to right, Heidi Deuster, Chamber Board President, Holly deBeck, Chamber Board Vice President, and business owner, Peggy Cappel


Wings-N-Things owner, Peggy Cappel, has always had a passion for animals. So it just made sense for her to open a retail business devoted to providing the best products for animal care, together with excellent customer service. It can best be described as a one stop shop for products and information on and about dogs, cats, horses, poultry, songbirds, and wildlife.

Cappel moved to the Palmyra area in 1978, but had come to Palmyra nearly every weekend growing up. During that time she worked with the DNR and Fox River Saddle Club to help forge horse trails in the Southern Kettle Moraine.

It wasn’t until May of 2000 that she opened Wings-N-Things. The first location was across from Blue Spring Lake above Country Cover-Ups. Only songbird products were sold then, but two moves later to 202 West Main Street in 2007, the product line has expanded to include dog, cat, songbird, poultry, and equine products. “I love the outdoors,” Cappel says, “and I wanted to sell quality products at reasonable prices for those who also enjoy the outdoors with their pets and animals.”

In addition to the retail location, Wings-N-Things offers some unique special order services.

There’s a Just In Time type service, where customers can keep a standing order for products that may not necessarily be carried in the store. The products are received at regular intervals so the customer never runs out, even if they forget to special order.

There’s also a unique service for out of town, and out of state customers who come to the area to camp with their horses. They can call ahead and reserve the products they need, then pick them up when they arrive in town. This eliminates the need to haul bulky items for the horses while traveling to Palmyra. This has become especially attractive for those who use Horseriders Campground on Little Prairie Road.

What Cappel likes best about being a sole proprietor is getting to know others who have the same interests and share knowledge about their animals and needs. She says that being a sole proprietor allows her to react to new products, out of stock products, and other business related issues, much faster than a larger chain store.

“Change is a constant,” she comments. She stays current with nutritional trends, such as All Natural, Grain Free, GMO Free, Antibiotic Free.  Generational trends; dogs were the pet of older generations, Millennials prefer cats. Healthy living has brought about chickens in the backyard and in the city. Marketing trends change to include direct mail, email, and social media. “It’s all challenging, but that’s what makes owning your own business rewarding.”

Wings-N-Things and Peggy Cappel can be found at 202 W Main Street, Palmyra. The phone number is 262-495-2707, and you can also find her on Facebook.