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Sep 14, 2017
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Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes from 9/14/17

Stand for pledge

President called meeting to order. 

All present signed in and introduced themselves

Treasurer’s report read 1st Rick B and 2nd Cherie D motion passed

Secretary’s report read 1st Rick B 2nd Cherie D motion passed after 2 adjustments.


  1. Heidi read thank you cards from Sharon Martin (plant) Brook Smith (scholarship) and Squiddys sister (plant)
  2. Spotlighted business for September was Banco Insurance. Lee put wheels and handle on sign.
  3. Donation bins to be placed in local businesses. Discussion on businesses to receive canisters.


  1. Discussion on Rediscover Palmyra. Next Chamber meeting will involve phase 3. Jerry Braatz will be speaker. Information sheets handed out.
  2. Spotlighted business for October will be Cornerstone/Palmyra Bowl. It was chosen to be on the Vintage Bowling Tour Sunday, Oct 29th.
  3. Car Show update. Profit and loss statement from Laurie Mueller was handed out.
  4. Trick or Treat date was moved from Sundays to Saturdays.
  5. As of Oct 1st poles can be decorated for fall.
  6. Order for new LED Christmas lights went $72.80 over budget. Motion was passed for that additional amount.
  7. Discussion on donation format or guidelines. Donna T offered to do research on other Chambers guidelines and report back at next meeting.
  8. Initial discussion on kitchen updates at the park.
  9. Chamber to review what its mission statement is.

            Meeting adjourned Dave T 1st and Mike F 2nd motion passed

Date of next meeting October 12th community center at high school

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